I am normally opposed to offering a straightforward interpretation of each of my works. It was rare for me to even give a title to most of them -BUT my numbering system soon got lost and confusing even to me! I always prefer that the viewer relied on their own interpretation and never wanted to interfere with their experience with the piece. I enjoyed hearing their thoughts first before I shared my own ideas and reasoning behind the work.

I believe art should make you work a bit. It should make you question, think, interpret, or maybe just produce a pure emotion. Now don’t freak out, work is not always a bad four letter word! It can be fun! I always thought that serving up a strong title and full explanation was counter productive to art and it’s purpose in our lives.

I do understand that people also love a good story! Therefore I am going to start offering some notes that will accompany each piece. MyΒ attempt is to give a bit of background or insight as to what was going though my mind during the process while leaving the door open to the viewer’s own interpretation. Just as certain songs or pieces of jewelry have certain significance to individuals because of a moment, an occassion, or time in their lives, so do the contents of drawings and paintings. What I see, and what I am attempting to make you see through my work is always the challenge given everyone’s backgrounds and life experiences.

Follow links below if interested in learning more about each piece:

Bird & Wampum

Good Spirits

Broken Round Dance