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StoryTeller: Turtle Woman


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Still deciding if it is complete. Contemplating a touch of color…maybe not. It was made to be printed out at 11″ x 15″.


Started a new digital drawing. There are are positives and negatives to using vectors to draw. Some sections are tedious, frustratingly difficult to manipulate and a lot slower than using a traditional pen or pencil. On the other hand, mistakes are eliminated or reworked, and filling in shapes become instantaneous. As an artist you can play a lot more, move things about, reshape, resize and re color to your hearts content. And FAST! No leaving the house for more pens, searching for paper….although I still start with a rough sketch in the sketchpad…For the style I am working with right now, Inkscape is pretty nifty.

This is a close up of one section of the drawing only

This is a close up of one section of the drawing only

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Click to view larger image

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