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A Show

Kabeshinàn Minitig Pavilion on Victoria Island

(November 2017)

A beautiful character building to display some art and crafts right in the heart of Ottawa, Ontario.


More Ads for a Reiki Practitioner and Prepping for a Small Craft Table

Print ready ad for magazine for a client

Print-ready ad for magazine for a client

Currently doing a little of everything as usual. Above is a print ad for a magazine for a client. Keeping to her new branding style I created this card both vertically and horizontally.

I will also be having my very own craft table at this conference (I confess to know little about Reiki itself) but it’s a great opportunity to show some of my work and hopefully get a few sales. My plan was to bring some prints…perhaps some Nez Perce Style necklaces…porcupine quill work…and a few Rustic Benches pieces we do (cutting boards and candle holders).

Various Bone & Bead Wristbands

Various Bone & Bead Wristbands


Mixed Hardwood Cutting Boards


Porcupine Quill Earrings

Small Nez Perce Style Necklace

Small Nez Perce Style Necklace

Bird & Wampum Prints

Bird & Wampum Prints

2015 MERA Award for Excellence in the Fine Arts and Fine Crafts: Otherwise known as my Runner-Up Story

Dean Spence is the recipient of the 2015 MERA Award for Excellence in the Fine Arts and Fine Crafts, with Star Horn as runner-up.”

Dean Spence and his wife & The Runner Up

Dean Spence and his wife & The Runner Up

Dean Spence gets the award.

Dean Spence gets the award.

Late Friday, June 12th, 2015, in the absolute pouring rain, I loaded the car up with my handsome date (my son Fisher), and a selection of large necklaces as well as a few smaller samples, some display stands, business cards, display cloth, and very little expectations. I was not convinced that anyone would show up in such undesirable weather, for an award ceremony celebrating fine arts and crafts, in the incredibly charming but small town of McDonald’s Corners. Did I mention it was POURING?

After driving by and then circling back, we found our way into the MERA Schoolhouse (MERA: McDonald’s Corners/Elphin Recreation and Arts) and were greeting by several friendly people. I met and chatted with Marilyn Barnett (Administrator and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer), Danny Sullivan (Head of the Board of Directors), Ankaret Dean (Artistic Director), Diana Nemiroff (former Director of Carleton University Art Gallery and senior curator at the National Gallery of Canada from 1990 to 2005), numerous potters, weavers, painters and their spouses. The little schoolhouse was displaying all forms of artwork for an upcoming weekend show on it’s walls. It quickly filled up with at least 30 folk. I was so pleasantly surprised!

I felt like I had actually WON the award that evening as everyone was so congratulatory and inquisitive. Several women purchased some necklaces and immediately wore them, seemingly proud of their find. Foodsmiths had donated some wonderful treats, wine and beer was available, and a commemorative plaque was unveiled (it was made locally by an artist who used an actual piece of old slate that was used as a blackboard from the time when children were actually taught in the school). Mr Sullivan gathered everyone around for a brief presentation of certificates and kind words along with introductions of all the contributors of the evening.

Fisher, always up for a ‘dress-up’ occassion, enjoyed the snacks and was helpful in taking photo’s for me. All in all, a great experience and reminder that ‘artistically bent’ folk need to be supported, engaged with, and partied with OFTEN 😉

Oh I will sample these as well!!

Oh I will sample these as well!!

Runner-Up, my Handsome Date, and my work.

Runner-Up, my Handsome Date, and my work.

Chris Dodge (Award Benefactor) and Ankaret Dean (Artistic Director of MERA) both modelling their purchases!

Chris Dodge (Award Benefactor) and Ankaret Dean (Artistic Director of MERA) both modelling their purchases!

“The MERA Award, which is given every two years, was conceived and made possible by a generous donation by Lanark Highlands’ residents Chris and David Dodge to the Perth and District Community Foundation, which manages the funds. Recognizing MERA’s important contribution to the arts community, the Dodges chose MERA to select the Award winners.” -MERA website.

Commemorative plaque made of old schoolhouse blackboard slate.

Commemorative plaque made of old schoolhouse blackboard slate.

Everyone mingling!

Everyone mingling!

Mini Nez Perce Style Necklace II

Just completed this new piece this week. The dark beads are rather unique. They appear black but show coppery browns, blues and purple tinges in various light. I found it difficult to capture the actual colors in these photos. The complimentary glass beads are turquoise and white in color with silver elongated metal beads and cones. Soft leather ties and strung on leather as well with sliver tabs.


Available for $50 (plus shipping).

These smaller necklaces are nice and lightweight in comparison to the full length versions.


The same necklace showing it’s colors outside.


A close up -the outside light makes the beads look more shiny and metallic.

Mini Nez Perce Style Necklace


I decided to make another small necklace, a mini version of the Nez Perce Style necklaces which are normally 3-4 times as big. It is made of glass beads in red and tuquoise color, silver beads and cones with soft leather ties. It is a nice light version of the necklace but still a statement piece with the vibrant colors. It can also be worn directly on the skin if you wanted to wear an open necked type of top or dress.

I have two available, the other is white with black and brass down the center. 


$50 each plus shipping if interested!

Good Spirits

Good Spirits

Good Spirits

The ‘Good Spirits’, often misinterpreted as ‘bad spirits’ because of their obvious expressions and devilish horns, was an image I found years ago in an old sepia photo. The ‘spirits’ were painted directly on the outside of a tipi and the intention was for these ‘beings’ to ward off or protect it’s inhabitants from actual ‘bad spirits’, enemies, and I’m sure anything with bad intentions (!)


Assiniboin: the painted medicine tipi of a man named ‘Nosey’ is made of canvas. The heavy cotton was supplied to reservations by the Government after the 1880’s, when the buffalo had been killed off and skins could no longer be used. -Fort Belknap Reservation, Montana, July 1906 (“Indians” by Joanna Cohan Scherer, Crown Publishers, Inc., New York.

The ‘Strawberry Festival’ which takes place when the ‘wild strawberry’ ripens, usually late June, is to thank the Creator for the return of this fruit. The timing coincides with the beginning of all remaining fruit which begins to ripen and can be harvested at this time.

My picture also incorporates a strawberry-design ash basket. This beautiful, labour intensive craft is traditional to the Mohawk people. I’ve never endeavoured to make one myself but appreciate the talent that is required to make these beautiful designs. The weavers use the ash tree, sweetgrass, dyes, various weaving styles and designs to create useful as well as beautiful baskets. Here’s an example of a weaver/artist:

I created the central figure to be cocooned in leaves (Nature), blue sky/water (Life/Air) encircle, but I also made her/him look fragile, disjointed, broken. A person, depending on their life circumstances and at what instance you encounter them, can be either strong and impenetrable or weak and full of holes. I chose the latter in this instance. The need for the Good Spirits would obviously be more necessary at this vulnerable moment. Being enveloped in Nature, Tradition, other strong symbols of my culture, was to counter that state of being in a positive way. Combining this with the concept of the Strawberry Festival made me think of ‘renewal’/’ripening’/’change’/’giving thanks’….a contrasting but inevitable idea that occurs every year. Mother Earth goes on with her seasons and circle of life, death, ripening and renewal, with or without us.

Always a Bridesmaid….


My Runner Up Announcement in the HUMM



theHumm is a free, monthly, independent newspaper covering Arts, Entertainment and Ideas in the small towns and communities of the Ottawa Valley.

I had not realized they were putting the announcement in the Humm this month -I had already been sent an email several weeks ago (and a phone call) regarding the contest and who the winner was, etc. But, I was still slightly taken aback, sitting in front of the fire, coffee in hand, when I spotted my name!

I was impressed with the kind words coming from Ms. Diana Nemiroff, former Director of Carleton University Art Gallery and who was senior curator at the National Gallery of Canada from 1990 to 2005.

An achievement nonetheless. I’ve been invited to showcase some of my jewelry on Friday, June 12th, at the Mera Schoolhouse, during the ‘official’ award ceremony.

Small Nez Perce Style Necklace

Small Nez Perce Style Necklace – one of my submissions

Runner Up

You have to bear in mind that Mr. Autry’s favourite horse was named Champion. He ain’t ever had one called Runner Up.

I am the official horse…I mean ‘runner up’ for the 2015 MERA Award for Excellence in the Fine Arts and Fine Crafts.

 For her part, Star Horn also works and innovates within a tradition. Her visually stunning necklaces, chokers and bracelets show a sensitive understanding of both the techniques of beadwork and a strong feeling for indigenous Plains formal traditions. At the same time, she successfully adapts these forms for the contemporary wearer.”  writes Diana Nemiroff.

Ms Nemiroff is the former Director of Carleton University Art Gallery and senior curator at the National Gallery of Canada from 1990 to 2005.

Below are a few examples of my submission for this award. Well, $1000 WOULDA BEEN NICE….but I guess I will settle for this acknowledgement and opportunity to showcase my jewelry in June at the official presentation. 🙂

HORNmensBPteeth HORNpurpleNP HORNwristband

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