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Month: May 2015

Mini Nez Perce Style Necklace


I decided to make another small necklace, a mini version of the Nez Perce Style necklaces which are normally 3-4 times as big. It is made of glass beads in red and tuquoise color, silver beads and cones with soft leather ties. It is a nice light version of the necklace but still a statement piece with the vibrant colors. It can also be worn directly on the skin if you wanted to wear an open necked type of top or dress.

I have two available, the other is white with black and brass down the center. 


$50 each plus shipping if interested!

Travelling Prints

Well off one goes, wrapped to the gills, heading to some fine folks in Fletcher’s Lake, Nova Scotia! A few sales in just one day is exciting. I hope they get years and years of pleasure from seeing my creation in their surroundings!

I was relieved to see that the Order Form is working so far. What a great way to reach people whom might never see your work.

If you are interested in one CLICK HERE πŸ™‚

Bird & Wampum ready to fly!

Bird & Wampum ready to fly!

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