If you ever want to see how unsymmetrical your face truly is, do a self portrait from below!


Welcome to my little gathering space. In this space (cyber space!), I will be sharing my work. Old work, new work, work in progress, fun work, bad work, re-worked work, what was I thinking work, I nailed it work, and ideas for future work. What is posted is therefore not curated to show only the best of what I can come up with, but like most artists who try to be honest with themselves, it is to show a more unfiltered version of everything that comes out.

It’s not always easy to do. I know I often sit there for minutes, one eye squinting, lips tightly pursed, index finger hovering and twitching over the UPDATE button….deciding, evaluating, contemplating, re-evaluating….then finally, exhausted, and slightly ambivalent but with complete decisiveness, I snap my finger down upon the key. Done.

Either way, I hope to connect to other creative types, receive constructive feedback, get work, sell things, and retire on my own private tropical island.

Kidding. But not really.